Hebrew Root Words

Shabbat Shalom Achim (brothers and sisters in Hebrew)

Learning the Hebrew language is exciting. When I learn new things in the Hebrew language that brings esteem to YHWH, I am always in awe. The scriptures become more alive and clearer than ever before.

This lesson shows you a part of my learning process while studying the Hebrew language. Understanding how the structure of words in Hebrew language developed in the beginning to end brings us to a deeper level of understanding of YHWH. The Hebrew Root Words is a process of building block in the formation of many of the Hebrew Words.

Watch my lesson as I introduce you to understanding more about the Hebrew Root Words.
יברכך יהוה וישׁמרך׃
יאר יהוה פניו אליך ויחנך׃
ישׂא יהוה פניו אליך וישׂם לך שׁלום׃

YHWH will kneel before you presenting gifts and will guard you with a hedge of protection,
YHWH will illuminate the wholeness of his being toward you bringing order and he will beautify you,
YHWH will lift up his wholeness of being and look upon you and he will set in place all you need to be whole and complete (Numbers 6:24-26)

Have a blessed Shabbat.



2 thoughts on “Hebrew Root Words

  1. WOW Beautiful YHWH is! HE is so good teacher for us to be followed. Thank you, Dirk. I cannot wait to learn Hebrews to see what YHWH’s will. Hallelu-YAH!

  2. aww overhelm me but i want to learn … i got a notebook … i wrote … whoaaa
    i want to say thank you for willing to teach us YHWH’ words
    YHWH bless you

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