My name is Dirk Albrecht. I am a husband, a father, and a hard-working man. When I accepted Jesus as my Savior, I started studying the Bible, established two churches and taught in one church for several years. There were a lot of teachings from the church that conflicted with what the YHVH our Elohim (God) and Yahushua (Jesus) taught and is recorded in the scriptures. This bothered me and I started to study more and through prayer, YHVH led me to see the truth.

Once my eyes were opened, I learned the truth, including how to walk set-apart. This website is created to share the truth with you and show you how to read the Bible with the correct understanding.

There are almost no video teachings for the deaf and hard of hearing in American Sign Language (ASL). I am here to provide that access and opportunity for you to learn about the truth and walking in the way of the Torah.

Do you want to learn more about the Torah?
Do you want to learn more about what Yahushua (Jesus) taught?
Do you want to know the Truth?
Do you want to know The Way?
Do you want to know what it means to Walk Set-Apart?

Do you feel something is missing in the teachings from the church? 
Is the Old Testament really done away with? 

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Dirk Albrecht in the mountains of Israel at Har Brakha next
to Mount Gerizim pruning vines in accordance to Isaiah 61:5;
Strangers will stand and pasture your flocks,
And foreigners will be your farmers and your vinedressers.