Hebrew Word: Moed

Shalom to all of you!
The Spring Feasts are upon us.

Watch the video to learn the deeper meaning of YHVH’s appointed times through the Hebrew word MOED.

Shofar Blast | Episode 002 | Happy New Year And Pesach Haggadah

Happy New Year! |
Prepare for the Spring Moedim

Shalom to all of you!
The sliver crescent moon was seen in Israel and this means the start of a new month PLUS the start of the new year since barley is aviv!

In preparation for Passover/Pesach, you can print out the Seder and do a Passover Telling.

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Shofar Blast | Back In Action

Shalom to all of you!
There have been some exciting changes with Walk Set-Apart.

Thanks to those who have supported me in this endeavor, now you can see those changes and learn what will be coming soon!

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