Olympics is Pagan Worship


Shalom Achim (brothers and sisters)

Being a Believer in YHWH and Yeshua, we are to support and edify our brothers and sisters to stay on the narrow path that is set in front of us by our loving Father YHWH.

The truth that I share with you is that Olympics is Pagan Worship and this is not pleasing to YHWH.  When we learn the truth, we must repent and turn back to that narrow path.

We must decide who we will serve, the world or YHWH.  I serve YHWH, the Elohim of Israel and Him alone will I serve.   Will you?

YHWH will kneel before you presenting gifts and will guard you with a hedge of protection,
YHWH will illuminate the wholeness of his being toward you bringing order and he will beautify you,
YHWH will lift up his wholeness of being and look upon you and he will set in place all you need to be whole and complete (Numbers 6:24-26)



5 thoughts on “Olympics is Pagan Worship

  1. I think you made a spelling mistake on your scripture quote: You typed and Yahuweh will kneel before you, I think it’s supposed to say Yahuweh will bless you.

    Just making you aware of the typo.


  2. Shalom Joseph,

    I am glad you noticed! I intended to write it down that way. It is based on the Hebraic perspective of the Hebraic language. Understanding the true meaning of the Hebrew language enables us to truly understand YHWH. By YHWH kneeling us–we get the picture of Yeshua kneeling to wash his disciples’ feet. YHWH is actually kneeling when he bestows gifts upon us. For more information go to http://www.ancient-hebrew.org/12_blessing.html. The author explains this well. But I am glad you saw this different rendering of the Aharonic Blessing 🙂



    • Fascinating, I also read Jeff Bennet’s website as well I have 3 of his books for the kindle and plan on purchasing more as they become available.

      Understand now, have no problem with the word as it appears to convey the meaning better.

      Just to our western mindset, we would automatically think, our king kneel before us? No way! But then I remember Peter (Kepha) reacted the same way when Yahushua washed his feet.

  3. Yes, it is full of pagan worship as I agree what you have said it. I used to enjoy watching it because of my sporting involvement during earlier years. I repented for my action that has associated with pagan gods. I once was blind and now I see because Yahushua came to set me free. Be encourage and keep going what you have done with the blog.



  4. I agree with you Dirk about kneeling. At the first, said: wait a minute, but pondering and YHWH told me about Yeshua kneeling. So I kept quiet until read your comment. WoW! YHWH is so good to us! He is our mystery love (cheap word for me. But I have no way to make up a new word otherwise you will not understand me.) Praise YHWH. Thank you for your testimony about Olympics. Same pattern to Adam and Eve, Forbidden Fruit. (delicious). 40 years glued to sports. WOW! I am going to roll my sleeves (skins) to do YHWH’s love in my life daily in 100%. YHWH can help us to do of what we do according to HIS Plans. HE bless and multiply us richly with happiness. Thank you so much for sharing about this in everything.

    Shalom and Blessings!

    Being a Torah Observant for 6 months, but being a foolish Christian for over 30 years. Pray for me that I might please YHWH/Yeshua with HIS Whole Commandments.

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