Yahushua came to… Make sure that we know that the Torah and Prophets is not abolished or destroyed (Part One)


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Hello, my name is Dirk.

In the previous vlog, I explained about what was nailed on the stake.  Our death penalty for sinning against YHWH is what is nailed on the stake.  Yahushua died so that our sins could be forgiven.  Churches teach Law, also known as Torah, is no more. If we believe in Yahushua, this means that we do not need to follow the Law.  We now have grace.

Did Yahushua teach us this?  Did Yahushua tell us that we no longer have to follow the Torah/Law?  One of the verses that the church normally uses to teach that we do not need to follow the Law is from Matthew 5:17.  In the verse Yahushua says “I did not come to destroy the Torah or Prophets. I did not come to destroy but to complete”—other bible translations use the word fulfill.  Let’s look at the verse and we will discuss further.

Slide of Matthew 5:17

Yahushua said “I did not come to destroy but to complete (or fulfill)’’.  Church often use the sign for the word fulfill (see sign).  The sign indicates that it means it is finished, it is done, not needed any more.   But the problem here is, Yahushua says I did not come to destroy—but to—complete/fulfill.  If I am to say that it is done, finished and no longer needed, that means I must stop the Law, I must destroy the Law and make it no more.  Yahushua would not say that.  He would not say I come not to destroy and to end it. Stop the Law which means I must destroy it.  This does not make sense.

Let me give you an example, I tell my daughter, from now on, when you enter the house, you will take your shoes off so that the house will be clean.   My daughter follows my instructions and has never broken it.  What this means is that she fulfilled my instructions.  She acted on my instructions and obeyed me.   With this same context in mind, we understand that the word complete or fulfill means that we did what YHWH instructed us.  We acted on it.  We did it.  Yahushua says “I did not come to destroy but to do what the Father instructed me to do”.  This means that Yahushua obeyed the Father. To you and me, this means that the Torah still stands today. Torah did not stop.

I want you to really think about this deeply because this is very important and life altering change for you if you still feel that the Law does not apply to us because of grace.  But this is not what Yahushua taught us.  Yahushua taught that we must love and thus we are following what the Torah teaches us.

When we fulfill YHWH’s Instructions (this is what Torah means, it means Father’s Instructions to us).  We do what the Torah teaches us, this means we are obeying the Father, in other words we are fulfilling the Law.

Slide: Yahushua obeyed the Torah and Prophets

Do you understand?   Yahushua followed the Father, His expectations of us and of Him (Yahushua).   Following His Instructions, it is as simple as that.  Yahushua did not come to tell people that I did not come to destroy or stop the Torah, I came to follow the Father’s Instructions. This is what chapter 5:17 talks about.   Verse 18 goes one step further and tells us that the Torah itself is so big that it is more important than the heavens or earth. Go ahead and read verse 18.

Slide: Matthew 5:18

I want to talk about two things.  The first one is that this particular verse says that “heaven and earth will pass away (‘Pass away’ means destroyed) when every small part of the Torah is done.”   In the Torah are both Instructions and Prophecy, which means things that will happen in the future.  Has all the prophecy been met?  No.  This means that the heaven and earth must be destroyed before all parts of the Torah are met.   I open my window or go out of my front door in the morning and get my breath of fresh air. I can look up and see the heavens, beautiful blue skies, and beautiful clouds.  I can look down to the ground and see the green grass and trees around me.   This means that the heavens and earth are still here.  It has not been destroyed.  If that is true then it means logically that the Torah is still for today.   The Instructions still stand today.  Prophecies will still be met.

The second thing is about the words jot and tittle.  Jot means the smallest part, the smallest letter of the Hebrew language which is Yod.   YHWH’s name, the first letter of His name is Yod.  Tittle is even smaller than the jot.   If the smallest part of the Hebrew language that the Instructions that YHWH gave us is written in the Torah is not done or met.  This means that the Torah is still for today.

Remember our death penalty is already nailed on the stake. That one single thing allows us to face YHWH with Yahushua as our savior permitting us to face YHWH.   The Torah, our Father’s instructions for us still remains for us today.

There is another verse that explains clearly how important the jot and tittle is for today while the heavens and earth can easily be destroyed first before the jot and tittle.

Slide: Like 16:17

I will say this to you.  The Torah is still for us today.  It still applies in our lives.  YHWH’s instructions to us are very important in our lives.   Our guidance, what we are to do, how do we traverse through life are based on what?  It is based on His expectations, His guidance for us.   If the Father tells us how very important the Torah is, we are to agree and support it.

Is it right to say that if the Father says the Torah is very important, we are to say no, we have grace and that is enough?   We cannot have the Father telling us that the Torah is important and then the Father telling us that Grace alone is sufficient.  Both conflict each other.

The grace is that the death penalty is nailed on the stake allowing us to face the Father.  The grace is that we now can follow the Torah without worrying about the punishment.   Our hearts can now obey and proceed with joy.  Isaiah 42:21 explains what the Father feels about the Torah.  How important it is.  Go ahead and read it.

Slide: Isaiah 42:21

With Grace, our hearts know how blessed by YHWH we are to live without the death penalty.  Knowing Yahushua died for us so that our sins are forgiven, is a tremendous thing to behold.  With Grace, do we now try to figure things out on our own?  Reading New Testament only and trying to figure out what Yahushua is trying to say?  That is not so.  Torah itself is our guide, the information we need to know in order to behave in life according to Father’s expectation of us.   The verse in Psalms 119:105 very clearly says “The word (Torah) is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”.  We have a lamp in our hand in front of us, which is the Torah.  Put it down to my feet and we can see where we are going in front of us.  We do not need to worry about what is right of us or left of us.  The light tells us where YHWH wants us to go—following the path.  Read the verse from Psalms 119.

Slide: Psalms 119:105

I feel that this is very important that you understand this.   If you struggle with this, I understand completely.  I used to go through this myself.   After reading the bible for many years as a Christian, I too believed the Torah was not needed to be followed.  Yet I struggled.   After years of studying, I came to understand that the Torah is still a very important part of our lives.  Many people in Church may not understand or be resistant because their pastor or their parents tell them that following the Torah is not necessary.   I understand this.

I ask that you pray on this, ask the Father to guide you, show you the truth because we are supposed to use Yahushua as an example for our lives.  First John 2:1-6 clearly states how important it is for us to follow His commandments.  Verse 6 sums it very well.  We are to walk like Yahushua walked.   How did Yahushua walk?  Obeying His Father and loving others.   What more can we say about that?

Pray deeply about this very important thing.

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