8th New Month

Preparing for YHVH’s Spring Feasts

Shalom Achim (brothers and sisters in Hebrew)

Now that the YHVH’s Fall Feasts (Appointments) have come and gone. We are getting ready to prepare for YHVH’s Spring Feasts (Appointments). One of those ways is to watch for the new moon each month.

The 8th New Moon is supposed to be seen either tonight or tomorrow night. Since the new crescent moon will be seen outside of the optimal viewing area in the sky, it is unlikely we will see the new crescent moon tonight. Since tomorrow night is the 30th day of the month, we should see the new crescent moon. I will keep you all posted when the new crescent moon is seen in Israel.

You can see the video with more information by clicking on the picture above or at the link here: Shofar Blast | 2015.10.13

יברכך יהוה וישׁמרך׃
יאר יהוה פניו אליך ויחנך׃
ישׂא יהוה פניו אליך וישׂם לך שׁלום׃

YHVH will kneel before you presenting gifts and will guard you with a hedge of protection,
YHVH will illuminate the wholeness of his being toward you bringing order and he will beautify you,
YHVH will lift up his wholeness of being and look upon you and he will set in place all you need to be whole and complete (Numbers 6:24-26)

The Shofar Blast